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Home Style and Design

In terms of home style and design, what are the winter colours/patterns/fabrics/trends you think we’ll be seeing?

Custom Built Projects invited local interior designer Maret Larnach, owner of Maret Larnach Styling, to be our very first guest blog and answer some questions about styling your home in the winter months.

I’m a lover of all colour – I don’t discriminate! Using colour can brighten up your life and everyone around you, especially on cold winter days.

Every year, Pantone comes up with a ‘colour of the year’. This year it’s Classic Blue, which is quite a calm and cool colour. Pantone describes this blue as “instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

To MLS, this blue is a classic colour that can be used with other colours to create a wonderful winter palate in your house. Living where we live, we are lucky that it easily fits in with our coastal surrounds!

Velvet finishes are popular this Winter, used with contrasting textures to add a touch of glamour. Velvet is a tactile surface, used in tones such as copper to create warmth and make you want to cuddle up with a good book!

You can use colour to add some warmth to your homes – take a grey blue chunky knit throw and pair it with and olive green and leather cushion to ground it.

Or how about an emerald green cable knit throw with a beautiful terracotta cushion, with a rattan pillow to add texture and interest, and also keep in with the ‘coastal’ feel?

Another idea is to use a warm bedspread colour – try mustard, with a throwback terry-towelling cushion to add warmth. Also add a beautiful leather cushion to throw some modern vibes in, and finally add a plant to add some character and dimension.


There are so many options and possibilities, we love working with colours and textures to make each room special.

As the weather gets colder, our homes can feel cold and clinical. What are some things our clients can do to make their home feel warm and cosy?

We all like to come home to a comfortable space, and in winter it’s also good to close the door on the cold weather and enclose yourself in a warm haven.

One way to do this is to add items such as a soft warm throw, or plump cushions, to your large furniture pieces.

Textures can also be visually warming, for example a chunky knitted throw, or a velvet cushion (or two!!).

If it’s in your budget, consider buying a plush rug to use in your living area. Rugs can ‘anchor’ a space and define a zone. It can bring warmth to areas that can look and feel cold underfoot, plus give a room a strong visual appeal and warmth.

Another idea is to add a floor lamp. The right lamp can add a cozy glow to an area, and be used instead any harsh overhead lighting.

Fireplaces/electric heaters have been a popular choice for some of the recent additions to Custom Built projects, what should people consider when selecting these appliances?

Wood fire or electric heater – it’s important to be able to heat our homes. Wood fires have a primeval attraction, and add warmth and atmosphere to a room. Electric heaters can provide (almost) instant heat to areas, without worrying about chopping wood or cleaning and setting the fireplace!

It comes down to personal preference, alongside considerations such as cost (such as purchase of wood vs electricity costs).

It is important to have your heater in a position that maximises it’s effectiveness, preferably in the centre of the house where it can disperse the heat evenly, plus get the attention it deserves!

Buying the right sized heater for your space is also an important consideration – how much space to you need to heat and what is the capacity of the heater?

The right design for your house is always important – choose a unit that will fit in with the style of your house and the “look” that you are after.

With the current situation, a lot of us are spending more time than usual at home. How can we feng shui our homes and give, for example, a particular room a new feel, without leaving the house?

A change is as good as a holiday, right? Well, if a holiday is a distant dream at the moment, one way to reinvigorate the space that you are spending the most time in at the moment is to have a reshuffle of your furniture.

Changing the layout of rooms by moving lounges in to different positions, swapping rugs or even changing the art work on the walls can make a space feel new and refreshed.

Sometimes people feel bored or stuck with the furniture and furnishings. A fresh set of eyes can look at a space for form and functionality, and possibly come up with ideas that can give new life to your spaces.

If you’d like any further information about styling, call 0423 197 855.  If you’d like to see some examples of Maret’s work please head to www.maretlarnach.com or her insta page @maretlarnachstyling

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